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Taieri Network is the culmination of the hard work and dedication to support of the greater Taieri area by committed individuals wishing greater growth and resilience in our area.

The need for a space and a place for the community to be able to work together, collaborate and connect has been an identified need for a number of years and it is the aim of Taieri Network to be able to accomplish that as it grows and strengthens its partnerships.

A number of research projects conducted in Taieri have highlighted a need for a place to source information, to run community groups and for community members to meet and connect. This has underpinned the commitment from community members who wish to see Taieri supported in the same way as other place based community groups - enabling and empowering the community to take action.

n early January 2022, Taieri Network welcomed their first ever staff member, Leisa de Klerk, as Community Connector. With a background in the community and voluntary sector and a person experienced with establishing and raising awareness of community groups, Leisa's role is to discover and engage the community, build collaboration and support, while working towards the strategic vision for the area. In everything to do with community led development, Taieri Network will only support the community in goals and initiatives that the community wants or needs. We are here for the community - you will always inform us where we need to go.

Mid December 2022, Teresa Christie joined the Taieri Network team as Leisa moved onto another job. Teresa has been involved in local community activities for many years and will continue the mahi | work of the Trust, building on the community consultation to date and working with the community towards solutions through collaboration with various organisations.