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Students are prepared for tomorrow's world through an 'extaordinary educational approach, Biblical in its core... while giving them traditional moral values that will last a lifetime.'

The aim of the staff is to fully develop the God-given abilities for each child individually within the context of a Christian family environment.

Amana Christian School provides an excellent education standard, using two Biblically-based curricula infused with Godly character that go beyond simply helping students to achieve a high standard of education.

The base of the curriculum is the attributes of God which is taught in a non-denominational way integrating Biblical studies within a child's life while still learning the base education courses such as Math, English and the Sciences.

Amana uses a curriculum called Interact which was founded here in New Zealand but has also migrated to be used in other countries like Australia and South Africa. The Interact Curriculum has a four-year cycle and is based on sixteen attributes of God, with one a term as the overall theme. It covers Biblical Studies, Science, Social Studies, English (Oral, Written, Visual), Technology, Health and Art.

When the students reach competent levels in literacy and numeracy they use A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) which is an internationally accredited curriculum for university entrance in over 140 countries including New Zealand!

ERO Report for December 2018:

Students who spoke with ERO were very positive about their school. They described it as safe and friendly and stated that they enjoyed their learning. The Interact curriculum integrates Christian teachings with different subject areas and provides broad and deep learning. Children have regular opportunities to go into the wider community to enrich their learning. Learning is personalised, with students working on individual pathways and taking responsibility for their learning. Past senior students have made successful transitions on to further education.