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East Taieri School
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Over the past few years we have worked with the students, staff and community to develop our new and exciting vision for our school: "Empower, Inspire and Care as We Learn and Grow together." Our mission is to work together in a positive, supportive environment, providing excellence in teaching and learning, where all people are respected and skills for life are developed.

We have also developed five new values to sit alongside our new vision. They are kindness, respect, responsibility, resilience and personal best.

East Taieri School pupils display these qualities. They are ...

Learners are self-motivated, inquisitive and want to learn. They are open-minded, able to think critically and are self-reflective.

Take responsibility for their decisions, actions and belongings in a range of situations. Learners pursue their personal best no matter who they work with.

Confident expressing their learning orally, digitally and through writing. They are active listeners, able to discuss and negotiate with others. They are well mannered.

Learners need to develop the ability to cope with failures as well as take risks and face new challenges. They need to perservere when challenged and not give up.

Learners need to actively participate in a variety of groups and recognise the capabilities of themselves and others.

Our 2018 ERO report stated that:
"The school's curriculum is highly effective in empowering learning and promoting students' belief in themselves as successful learners. Students learn in a caring and inclusive environment where they contribute to their organisation and design of their learning programmes. They are provided with an extensive range of rich opportunities to participate in a broad, localised curriculum, with real-life experiences. 
The school's values, use of key competencies and learner qualities are well understood and enacted by students, teachers and leaders. The consistent approach to delivering the curriculum focuses on helping students learn how to learn, developing their social and emotional competencies, and self-management skills. Students benefit from individualised learning pathways that cater to their needs, strengths and interests. The school values reciprocal learning opportunities with parents, whanau and wider community. They make sure students are well supported as they transition into and through the school, and on to further education."