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Cornerstone Rescue
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Chains Hills Rd resident Kimberley Mulder has launched this new service which is a faith-based animal rescue that focuses on helping people.

Cornerstone Rescue's services help people experience connection, develop healthy communication and build confidence through the unique approach of connecting people and animals (currently two horses). Mentors help by actively listening and tailoring activities to bring healing and hope to people's lives.

Sessions can be one-on-one, of family / group to meet specific goals and needs.

A previous childcare worker, and currently a support worker, Kimberley has experience working with both children and adults, improving mental health and resolving challenging behaviours. Kimberley grew up surrounded by animals and found her connection with them was instrumental to her personal growth and wellbeing.

Animal and equine-therapy is a fast-growing therapy worldwide with many equine-therapy / ministries growing in popularity.