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Mums Gardens specialises in gardening (lawn mowing and weeding), landscaping and general indoor and outdoor maintenance services such as painting, oven cleaning and window cleaning. The business launched in November.

Owner-manager Roseanne Dee has enjoyed a love of gardening and started her own vegetable garden about 15 years ago.

“About five years ago I started off my own seeds rather than buying seedlings. A couple years later I had extra seedlings and plants and built this honesty stall out the front of my house. I deliberately kept the prices cheap so people can try gardening.”

Mums Gardens has quickly gained favourable feedback from customers.

“They’ve just said, ‘we are hard working, we are honest and we are reliable’.”

Many Facebook inquiries show people wanted to support local.

“When we answer garden requests, we are getting a lot more Mosgiel people wanting Mosgiel people because each suburb in Dunedin has its own sub-climate."

''Being able to know the climate where we’re working … we know that Mosgiel gets the really hard frosts and the dry heat.”