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Most people don’t realise that without proper protection and periodic maintenance, tiled surfaces very quickly become dirty, damaged or mouldy.

GroutPro specialises in restoring tile and grout surfaces to their original beauty. We use specialised deep cleaning solutions and high pressure water to clean all surfaces whether inside or out to protect them for years to come. We also offer silicone replacement.

From cleaning tile and grout, recolouring old grout, replacing damaged grout, replacing mouldy silicone, to complete shower and bathroom overhauls, we are here to help.

We also supply Belgium-made Garage Carpet Pro which is thicker, stronger, and more dense offering an affordable solution that will last longer and feel cosier.

We also supply garage door insulation. Most garage doors are made from very thin steel which has no insulating properties at all.  We’ll protect you from cold in winter, heat in summer and noise all year round with our retrofitted insulation products. As well as creating the perfect extension to your home, these insulation methods are environmentally friendly and will also reduce your energy bills.